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Supporting You and Your Partner Through
Pregnancy and Birth
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My compassion for helping pregnant women stems from my own varied birth experiences. My first birth was completely natural and spontaneous, aided by my doula. When my twins were born, I had to deal with a medical induction due to preeclampsia without a doula. These experiences, along with my knowledge and understanding of the natural birth options available to today's parents, make me uniquely qualified to guide you through your own birthing experience. There are still far too many potentially unnecessary medical interventions happening during labor and delivery today. Each family has individual needs and preferences. Each pregnancy and birth is unique. When couples prepare for childbirth, having a supportive, nurturing, and informed Birth Doula coaching you through this milestone can make a huge difference in having your own satisfying birth experience. 


As your Birth Doula, I will support you and your partner with continuity of care, companionship, reassurance, encouragement, praise, and breadth of experience. This is especially important when it’s your first baby. Without judgment, I will be aware of your childbirth preferences before you go into labor and will provide continuous support throughout your labor and delivery. Your questions and concerns will be answered at a follow-up postpartum visit to check up on your new family.

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